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Hydraulic Tube Supplier and Wholesaler

Wholesale Hydraulic Tube Supplier

Main offices located in New York with Distribution Center in Chicago, Illinois.
Millions of feet of precision metal tubing IN STOCK available for immediate shipment. Hydraulic Tube including J524 Seamless Tubing and J525 Welded Hydraulic Fluid Line. Available in large quantities.

Before You Buy Hydraulic Tube

What you need to know before you buy Hydraulic Tubing.
  • SIZE - Wall Thickness, Outside Diameter (OD), Inside Diameter (ID), and Length.
  • TOLERANCES - Factors such as System Pressure, Flow Rate, and Service Environment.
  • TEMPERATURES - Operating temperatures need to be considered which will affect tubing as well as fittings used.
  • APPLICATION - Environmental operating conditions influences use of protective coatings or even tubing material, i.e. Stainless Steel.
  • PRESSURE: Dynamic pressure based on Severity Of Service needs to be taken into account.
  • MEDIA - What type of fluid will be in immediate contact with tubing?, i.e. Air, ATF Oil, Benzene, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Steam, or Water.
J524 Seamless Hydraulic Tubing

J524 Seamless Hydraulic Tubing

J524 Seamless Hydraulic Tubing

As a hydraulic tube supplier, Karay Metals offers large quantity purchases. And as a wholesaler, we keep ample stock to replenish your inventory. And, all our seamless tubing has been tested via industry standards and hydrostatic pressure.

  • Processed and designed for a clean Inside Diameter (ID)
  • Cold Drawn and Annealed Low Carbon
  • 0.125 – 1.5 OD, 0.055 – 1.232 ID, 0.035 – 0.134 Wall Thickness, 20-foot length
  • Easily bent and flared
  • Certifications: SAE J524, AMS5050K, AISI 1008/1010, ASTM/ASME/EN102204, PED
J525 Welded Hydraulic Fluidline

J525 Welded Hydraulic Fluidline

J525 Welded Hydraulic Tube

While other Hydraulic Tube Suppliers handle small quantities of tubing, we in fact, are wholesalers. To that end, we help maintain your inventory. Indeed we sell by the bundle, ready to ship to your location.

  • Welded low-carbon steel annealed
  • Easily bent, flared, formed, and brazed for many different uses
  • Certifications include SAE J-525, ASTM, Addenda EN10204, and PED
  • Dual certified fluid line
  • Several cold-drawn reductions, intermediate anneals, and dead-soft annealed
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