Karay Metals, a leading provider in A519 Seamless Mechanical Steel Tubing, is proud to offer high-quality products meeting specification SAE A519. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Karay Metals boasts over 1,00 tons of Round Carbon Steel Tubing, in-stock, and ready-to-go. This means we can easily meet customer needs with very little lead time. Additionally, Karay Metals carries several sizes of Condenser Tubing, DOM Mechanical Tubing, Heat Exchanger Tubing, Seamless Hydraulic Line, as well as Welded Hydraulic Line.

Karay Metals likewise specializes in mill quality orders of Steel, Aluminium, Brass, along with Copper. We do this to provide our valuable and loyal customers with the best prices available. Moreover, Karay Metals can easily fulfill just about any long-term need, at super competitive prices.

A519 Seamless Mechanical Steel Tubing

Karay Metals offers both cold-finished and hot-finished products. We deliver ASTM A519 – 06, the standard specification for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing. Furthermore, we offer cold-finished products in sizes ranging from 0.250″ OD to 0.375″ OD wall. Also, Karay Metals offers hot-finished products in sizes up to 16.000″ OD.

Why Choose Karay Metals?

We understand there are many different sources ostensibly offering the same products. However, we are different and distinct in that our mills are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. What’s more, we proudly meet the standards of some of the largest manufactures on the entire planet. For instance, our high-quality products meet the closest tolerances in carbon, low alloy, stainless, and copper alloy grades. These products are routinely used in some of the most critical applications inside processing plants, for power generation, as well as automotive engineering, along with general engineering. Therefore, we are the go-to source for A519 Seamless Mechanical Steel Tubing. Here are a few reasons why so many rely on Karay Metals to meet their needs:

The Right Place

We understand how many choices are out there. But we differentiate ourselves by providing the best of the best. When it comes to A519 Seamless Mechanical Steel Tubing, along with plenty of other products, Karay Metals rises to the challenge, providing the highest in quality. What’s more, we back our products with our solid reputation. Practically no matter the ultimate application, we can deliver the products necessary.

More Products to Offer

With more than 1,000 tons of round steel carbon tubing in-stock in our warehouse in Chicago, we are able to fulfill just about any size order. And, we do so quickly and efficiently. Karay Metals provides a plethora of high-quality products, right down to the exact specifications. Nearly regardless of what’s needed or sizes involved, Karay Metals is simply the indispensable source for cold-finished and hot-finished products.

Speedy Processing and Shipping

We are proud to offer immediate and transparent access to world-class ASTM A519 Grade 1026 carbon steel mechanical tubing. Our experts offer custom steel pipe and tube cutting. Plus, we ship the products right away so there’s little to no lag time. We understand how vital it is to move quickly to get the products needed on-site, wherever that might be on the globe. No matter what additional processing is needed, Karay Metals is here to deliver it ASAP.

From A519 Seamless Mechanical Tubing to other products, Karay Metals is a leading provider. Our customers enjoy quality care all throughout the order and delivery process. We provide an excellent experience, including highly competitive pricing to ensure customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand what each order requires and then work diligently to provide the best quality and finish possible. Although we work quickly, we never sacrifice quality during the process. So, our customers are happy with their orders and that’s why we earn a lot of repeat business. Please contact us today and we’ll work to serve your needs with care and integrity.

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