Aluminum sheets and coils for closures is yet just another high-quality product put out by Karay Metals, a leading provider of metals. With our super-large Chicago warehouse and experienced technicians, we are easily able to produce aluminum sheets and coils for many specifications. Karay Metals is proud to offer many other materials and customize orders, large and small. We pride ourselves on producing the finest products for our new and loyal, repeat customers. When it comes to the best aluminum sheets and coils for closures, Karay Metals is the go-to solution.

Aluminum Sheets and Coils for Closures

Karay Metals offers Aluminum Sheets and Coils for Closures. Our products are de-greased, or chemically chromate-phosphate created, with or without DOS, or lacquered on one side or both. Our Aluminum products are produced in some of the finest Aluminum Mills in the world. We produce the following in aluminum sheets and coils for closures:

  • 3003-H14, H16, H24, H26
  • 3004-H16, H26, H28
  • 5052-H14, H19, H24, H28
  • 8011-H12, H14, H22, H24.
  • Thickness ranges from 0.007″ to 0.012″.
  • Width ranges up to 60″.
  • Sheets range up to 41″ x 41″.

We specialize in mill quantity orders of Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Copper products to give our customers the best prices possible. We can fulfill your long-term needs at prices that will give you the competitive edge. Karay Metals also produces a number of other products. These include but are not limited to: aluminum slugs, brass rods, copper wire, steel automotive tubing, and much more.

Benefits of Using Aluminum

Aluminum is rapidly becoming a more adopted solution for a wide variety of applications. Some uses, once employing other metals and plastics, now incorporate aluminum. And, there are several reasons why this happens. First and foremost is aluminum is a non-ferrous metal and it’s known for its lightweight quality. That means, when weight is a factor (which it is in so many applications), aluminum helps to reduce weight.

Additionally, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable with no degrading of its qualities during the process. And, it’s highly corrosion resistant. Meaning that it can easily be used in a number of temperatures. Plus, it’s exceptionally strong and comes in a variety of finishing options. Aluminum is likewise great for electrical and thermal conductivity. Moreover, it provides uniform quality.

About Aluminum Sheets and Coils for Closures

Aluminum sheets and coils for closures now is rapidly replacing other materials for many applications. For instance, it’s the single best solution for beverages, particularly for wine and spirits. And, aluminum costs less than plastic caps, making it more ideal. What’s more unlike some other materials, aluminum boasts more adaptation to machining, it is mass producible, emits no pollution, and is furthermore 100 percent recyclable.

Aluminum already takes a large role in food packaging. This is because it’s inherent qualities make it ideal for such applications. And, it can easily go from one temperature extreme to another. For example, from a household freezer to a preheated oven. Since aluminum is corrosion resistant, it makes it perfect for not only foods but beverages, as well. Aluminum is also already in great use in the pharmaceutical industry because of its many fine qualities.

Reasons to Choose Karay Metals

Karay Metals is here to fulfill any needs for just about any size project. With our plethora of materials and state-of-the-art equipment, and conveniently located warehouse in Chicago, we’re able to quickly produce and ship orders. Additionally, Karay Metals provides each and every customer with a rich, friendly experience from start to finish. When it comes to providing the best products and exceptional customer care, Karay Metals leads the way time and time again.

For more information, please view our metal tubing catalog or phone us directly at (845) 679-3385.

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