Karay Metals, one of the best producers of metal products, formed from aluminum, steel, copper, and brass, offers even more exceptional product — the brass flats — tensile strength range of 15-47 KSI, conforming to ASTM B36 with thickness ranges from 0.078″ to 1.20″.

Brass Flats Qualities

The major properties of different brasses rely on the composition of the brass alloy, especially the copper-zinc ratio.

Altogether, all brasses are regarded for their machinability or the ease with which the metal can be transformed into different shapes and forms while retaining quality strength.

While there are differences between brasses with high and low zinc contents, all brasses are regarded malleable and ductile (low zinc brasses more so). Because of its low melting point, brass can also be cast without much hassle. However, for casting purposes, a high zinc content is usually better.

Brasses with a lower zinc content can be easily cold worked, welded and brazed. A high copper content also allows the metal to form a protective oxide layer (patina) on its outer layer that protects against further rusting, a valuable property in applications that expose the metal to moisture and weathering.

The metal has both nice heat and electrical conductivity (its electrical conductivity can be from 23% to 44% that of pure copper), and it is also wear and spark resistant.

Like copper, its bacteriostatic capability have resulted in its use in bathroom fixtures and healthcare properties.

Brass is regarded as a low friction and non-magnetic alloy, while its acoustic capabilities have resulted in its use in many ‘brass band’ musical instruments. Artists and architects value the metal’s aesthetic properties, as it can be produced in different types of colors, from deep red to golden yellow.

The smooth outer covering of brass implies that it is the metal of choice for applications requiring low friction levels such as locks, gears, clocks and ammunition. With its gold like look, brass is also good for many decorative applications. Easy to cut and machine, brass flats are widely used for the making of models and the production of wear strips for a diverse selection of industries.

Dimensions starting from 1/4” to 6” in width and 1/8” to 2” thick combined with a cut-to-length service on major products means that Karay Metals can supply brass bars to meet your specific requirements. With most items in stock, we are able to attain most requirements with quality products at a competitive price while meeting the most demanding delivery schedules.

Brass is a binary alloy consisting of copper and zinc that has been produced for millennia and is valued for its workability, hardness, corrosion resistance and attractive appearance

Brass Flats

Brass flats are available in different dimensions and sizes with superior finish standards in term of parameters like superior durability, finish as well as corrosion-resistance. With the available types finding usage in so many categories of construction as well as other related industries, these can be made available as per international standards.

There are different categories of brass bars which includes Brass Round Bars, Brass Flat Bars, Brass Square Bars and Brass Hex.

Brass Round Bars Application Areas:

  • Free-cutting brass rods
  • Fasteners, gears, architectural extrusions
  • Automotive engineering parts
  • Pressing materials like knobs, hardware
  • Bending, hot forging and other applications

The brass flat bars are available with us in different categories and finish options. Finding usage in industries which involves fabrication works, these brass flats are precision fabricated as per industry standards and are also recognized for their superior corrosion and abrasion resistance properties. Furthermore, these also come with superior durability and corrosion resistant finish. With availability in varied width and lengths, we can also customize these as per the client’s specific requirements.

In addition to brass flats, Karay Metals also offers many other great products, which include, but are not limited to:

All of these and more, not to mention that we take great care and pride in producing products to the exact specifications of our customers.

For more information, please view our metal tubing catalog or phone us directly at (845) 679-3385.

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