Karay Metals offers top-notch brass coil, sheets, strips supplier. We take our role seriously as an industry leader to provide the very best products available on the market. Our products greatly reflect our commitment to quality, even when the quantity is great. That’s why, no matter the size or the specifications, we deliver, each and every time.

Brass coil, sheets, strips

Brass coil, sheets, strips

Turn to Karay Metals for the finest brass coil, sheets, strips. Moreover, we offer super-competitive prices and deliver on quick turnaround times. Regardless of what our customers need, we get it out and do so without compromising any aspect of the experience.

Brass Coil, Sheets, Strips

Karay Metals offers Brass coil, sheets, and strips. We specialize in mill quantity orders of Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Copper products to give our customers the best prices possible. We can fulfill your long-term needs at prices that will give you the competitive edge.

We not only offer many types of brass coil, sheets, strips. Our company also provides a number of other metal materials, including, but not necessarily limited to:

All of this, not to mention the fact that we provide our customers, rebates and new alike, with steel tubing products, brass rods, brass wire, and many more products.

Benefits of Using Brass

Brass is an amazing metal. Going back for centuries, brass boost and long and storied history with many versatile applications. It’s perhaps best known for beautiful finish. And, it can be presented in a number of uses. It’s quite common in plumbing, but also, in other fixtures, such as door locks and knobs. It’s also used widely in jewelry. Brass is exceptionally durable because it does not crack or degrade for a number of years. Not to mention, its high tolerance for heat is another wonderful quality.

Brass can easily be produced to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That’s why it can be easily found in classical musical instruments, in household plumbings, and in fine architectural finishes. For projects which require strict specifications, brass is one the of best choices. It can also be lacquered, as well as polished, or even plated.

Unlike some other metals, brass is highly corrosion resistant. In fact, it seriously outperforms many other types of metals and materials in this way. Corrosion and rust threats are best combated with brass. Furthermore, brass is known for its malleability, particularly when it comes to bending and shaping.

Simply put, brass is a wonderful material and performs marvelously for so many applications. Which is why it is routinely found in residential, commercial, and many other environments. Our customers enjoy the finest in brass coil, sheets, strips at very competitive prices.

About Brass Coil, Sheets, Strips

Brass coil, sheets, strips have a number of uses. The applications are many and wide-ranging. Brass can easily be used for stamping, plumbing, valves, doorknobs, lamp components, locks, heat exchanger, cartridge casings, marine hardware, and much, much more.

Why You should Choose Karay Metals

Karay Metals is dedicated to delivering not only high-quality products, but outstanding customer service as well. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards for all orders we take and process. And, for the customer care and experience along the way. This is what makes Karay Metals a worldwide leader on many fronts. Our customers can easily attest to our quality, as well as our open lines of communications. Regardless of size or specifications, we deliver results, time and time again.

For more information, please view our metal tubing catalog or phone us directly at (845) 679-3385.

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