Aluminum products provided by Karay Metals are of the highest-quality and the best performing in the world. At Karay Metals, we strive to always deliver the most without compromising quality. Our aluminum products are built to last and we stand by our commitment to be the go-to source for all sorts of applications.

Aluminum Products

For round and extrusions, Karay offers bar and rod, profiles, as well as slugs.

Flat-rolled options include: supply aluminum sheeting/coil, alloy sheet, prepainted, converter/container foil, fin stock, closure and sheet coil, can stock coil, circles, tubing and architectural composite panels.

Here’s what we supply in the area of Aluminum Rounds and Extrusions:

Aluminum Bar/Rod

  • l/2″ to 2″ OD Cold Drawn and Up to 4″ OD Extruded – round, hex, square
  • 2007 T3 T4
  • 2011 T3 T6 T8 T451
  • 6101 T6
  • 6162 T6 T8 T9 T6511
  • 6163 T4 T5 T6

Aluminum Profiles

Minimum .047″ wall. Over 10,000 dies(metric & imperial ) in Stock. Standard hex/ round/ square, architectural profiles miscellaneous profiles for industry.
(See Aluminum Bar for grades).


1070, 1050- soft temper plain or perforated

More Aluminum Products – Flat Rolled

Aluminum Sheet/Coil

  • 1000, 3000, 5000 series soft-0, H12, 22, 32- H14, 24, 34- H16, 26, 36- H18, 28, 19
  • Thickness range: .008″-.196″.
  • Width: max. 60″. Length : max. 157″ .

Aluminum Alloy Sheet

  • 5052, 5454, 5754, 5083, 5086 other alloys on request Thickness: .016″-.500″.
  • Width : 40″ -96″ Length: to 465″

Aluminum Prepainted

Polyester, metalic, polyester/polyamid, PVF, 15-35 micron coating, with transparent lacquer on reverse side, powder coat (Year 2000/01)
Thickness: .0078″-.047″ up to 60″ width

Aluminum Foil – general purpose & household

  • 1050, 1145, 1200, 8079, soft or hard
  • Thickness: .00078″-.0078″
  • Width: 1.57″ -57″
  • Foil up to .0015″ is one side bright and one side matte finish

Converter Foil -multi-purpose -flexible packaging & cigarette

  • 8079, 1200 soft or hard
  • Thickness: .00025″-.00098″
  • Width: 8″- 57″

Container Foil -food containers

  • 8050-0, H24, 8150-0, H22 pre-lubricated or pre-coated Thickness: .0014″ -.0059″
  • Width: 4″-57″ Coil ID: 3″, 6″

Aluminum Fin Stock

  • 1100, 8079, 8050- other alloys on inquiry
  • Thickness: .0031 ” – .0078″
  • Width: 4″ – 57″, Coil ID: 3″,6″
  • Lacquer coating of hydrophilic or hydrophobic type

Aluminum Sheets/Coils for Closures

  • 3003-H14, H16, H24, H26
  • 3004-H16, H26, H28
  • 5052-H14, H19, H24, H28
  • 8011-H12, H14, H22, H24
  • Thickness: .007″-.012″
  • Width coils up to 60″ Sheets: 41″ x. 41″ max. Degreased, or chemically chromate-phosphate created, with or without DOS, or lacquered on one or both sides

Can Stock Coils

  • 3004-H19, 5182-H19, H48, 5O42-H19, H48
  • Thickness: minimum.112″ Width: max 68″ Coil ID: 12″,16″, 20″


  • 1050, 1100, 1200, 3003, 3004, 5052 -0, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24
  • Thickness: .015″-.040″ OD: 2″ -59′” Maximum 3% earing for 1050, 1100, 1200, 3003 in soft temper

Aluminum Architectural Panels Etalbond Sandwich– type composite panel of polyethylene core. Bonded between the aluminum facing and backing sheets. Inch and metric sizes

Tubing Aluminum – Minimum .049″ wall

Biggest Advantages of Using Aluminum

The biggest aluminum benefits simply cannot be understated. This incredibly adaptable, non-ferrous metal provides a wealth of products, tailored to fit particular needs. It’s known for its moisture resistance and high conductivity of electricity. It’s also a wonderful metal for insulation purposes and food packing and more food applications. Aluminum is perhaps the most diverse, found in everyday products to aerospace endeavors. Aluminum is likewise corrosion resistant. It’s lightweight, so it’s ideal for a variety of applications where weight is a significant factor.

About Aluminum Products

Aluminum products fill a wide-range of applications. From domestic to commercial to industrial. For example, Karay Metals, a leading provider of a diverse group of materials, offers aluminum alloy sheets, brass flats, copper coil, fabricated steel tubes, and much, much more. Our warehouse is full of quality materials we can customize to just about any shape and size specifications. That makes us a worldwide resource for metals.

Reasons to Choose Karay Metals

Karay Metals is a leading provider of high-quality products. With our vast warehouse and experienced professionals, we and deliver all sorts of products, made to exact specifications. What’s more, we deliver products fast, reducing wait times to help keep projects moving forward. When it comes to the best customer experience, we provide it with each and every interaction.

For more information, please view our metal tubing catalog or phone us directly at (845) 679-3385.

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