Karay Metals is a leading provider of aluminum fin stock. Such strips are known to deliver great performances for a number of applications. This non-ferrous product offers exceptional qualities, which include lightness and corrosion resistance. What’s more, this product can easily be tailored for a wide variety of uses. Flat fins are used in such applications as air conditioners, in-vehicle radiators, heat shields, as well as other HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, applications. We offer top quality aluminum fin stock in several different specifications.

Aluminum Fin Stock Alloys

Karay Metals offers Aluminum Fin Stock in Alloys 1100, 8079, 8050 and others upon request with lacquer coating of hydrophilic or hydrophobic type. Our Aluminum products are produced in some of the finest Aluminum mills in the world. Here are the dimensions we offer in aluminum fin stock:

  • Thickness ranges from 0.0031″ to 0.0078″.
  • Width ranges from 4″ to 57″.
  • Coil ID includes 3″ and 6″.

We specialize in mill quantity orders of Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Copper products to give our customers the best prices possible. We can fulfill your long-term needs at prices that will give you the competitive edge. But, that certainly isn’t all. Karay Metals also specializes in a number of other products. Including, but not limited to: aluminum slugs, brass sections, copper coil, steel condenser tubing, and many more. Because we have a large warehouse in such a convenient location, we are able to produce orders quickly and ship them in tight turnaround times.

Benefits of Using Aluminum

Aluminum accounts as one of the most ubiquitous metals in the entire world. It’s known for its lightweight, corrosion resistant, properties. Plus, it actually performs better than steel in certain scenarios. And, it’s sustainable because of its recyclable nature. Furthermore, it’s able to be sized and shaped to fit just about any sort of application imaginable. It’s also great for conductivity when it comes to electrical uses. Or, in heat intense environments.

About Aluminum Fin Stock

Aluminum fin stock is ideal for numerous uses. It’s routinely found in such products as evaporators and heat shields. It often performs better than other metals under various and sometimes, extreme conditions. For instance, it’s the perfect solution for air conditioning units. Karay Metals is the go-to source for all aluminum fin stock needs. We have a robust inventory which allows us to meet just about any size order. What’s more, we can easily customize most, fulfilling the majority of specified requests.

There’s no question that aluminum fin stock is the single best go-to solution for many different types of applications. At Karay Metals, we provide products that are in-line with our customers’ requests. We understand how important it is to meet their needs with every order. That’s why we take great pride in delivering the highest quality. For HVAC systems, car radiators, heat protectors, and more uses, our fin material meets and surpasses performance expectations.

Wikipedia has a thorough description of  Aluminum Alloys.

Reasons to Choose Karay Metals

Karay Metals is here to help our customers succeed with every order. We understand how important it is to get the specifications just right and to ship quickly. That’s why we strive to continually increase our efficiency processes. When it comes to the best aluminum fin stock, we are the most trusted source available. At Karay Metals, we take great pride in delivering large quantities but never compromise quality along the way. It’s because of this time honored practice that we are trusted by many organizations. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and always work tirelessly to meet them, regardless of specifications or the order size.

For more information, please view our metal tubing catalog or phone us directly at (845) 679-3385.

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