Karay Metals provides some of the highest-quality Aluminum Extrusion Profiless across the globe. With our vast warehouse, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience, we offer the best products, made to specifications. No matter the size or the particulars, Karay Metals can deliver. Just count on us, like our many loyal, repeat customers do, time and time again. Our company understands there are many applications for aluminum extrusion profiles. So, we strive to produce a great customer experience.

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Kary Metals offers Aluminum Extrusion Profiless. We have over 10,000 dies (metric and imperial) in stock including standard hex, round and square. We also have available architectural profiles and miscellaneous profiles for industry. Here’s what we produce for aluminum extrusion profiles:

  • 2007 T3, T4
  • 2011 T3, T6, T8, T451
  • 6101 T6
  • 6162 T6
  • 6162 T6, T8, T9, T6511
  • 6163 T4, T5, T6.

Our Aluminum products are produced in some of the finest Aluminum Mills in the world. We specialize in mill quantity orders of Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Copper products to give our customers the best prices possible. We can fulfill your long-term needs at prices that will give you the competitive edge. Karay Metals also produces brass rods, copper coil, fabricated steel, and much more. All we need is the specifications and amounts to deliver high-quality materials and products.

Benefits of Using Aluminum

Aluminum offers several advantages over other metal choices. For instance, this non-ferrous metal is widely known for its lightweight qualities. That means it can easily be applied to many uses and reduce weight. Therefore, it makes aluminum ideal when weight is a big concern. It’s also very conductive. Aluminum is great for thermal and electrical transference. Plus, it makes a wonderful insulator.

Aluminum effectively repels moisture and performs terrifically in different temperature environments. That’s why it’s so commonly found in a number of uses. For example, domestic, commercial, as well as industrial applications. Which also makes it ideal for use in applications where corrosion is a concern. What’s more, aluminum lends well to recycling as it can easily be recycled at 100 percent with no downgrading of its many qualities.

About Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Aluminum extrusion profiles offer a wide variety of uses. This metal performs so well because it is malleable, corrosion resistant, and boasts a very high strength to weight ratio. Moreover, it comes in an assortment of finishes, making it even more customizable. This is why this material and its products are found in so many things from day-to-day life to industrial to aerospace applications.

Aluminum extrusion profiles are found in numerous applications. Industries which widely use aluminum profiles are furniture, packaging, medical, R&D, automotive, and plenty more. Transportation uses include vehicle frames, while in the construction industry, uses include window frames, doorways, facades, and more. While the furniture industry uses aluminum profiles in furniture, light fixtures, and many more applications. Because of its machinability, it can easily be customized to fit even more uses.

Reasons to Choose Karay Metals

Karay Metals is proud to offer some of the finest aluminum extrusion profiles, along with a myriad of other products. Our experience and inventory are two reasons why we remain one of the leading metal products providers in the entire world. Our mission is to provide a wonderful customer experience with each and every order. When it comes to delivering quality in a short time frame, Karay Metals is the perfect solution. We pride ourselves in offering the finest products and doing so effectively with ample communication. No matter what it is and when it’s needed Karay Metals is here to deliver on its promises for every customer we have the pleasure to serve.

For more information, please view our metal tubing catalog or phone us directly at (845) 679-3385.

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